Prism and compact unidirectional single-frequency planar ring cavity laser without intracavity elements

Prism and compact unidirectional single-frequency planar ring cavity laser without intracavity elements

NOVELTY – The prism has a highly reflecting coating formed on other side face (10). The beam (4) reflected from bottom face (8) is totally reflected in the other side face (10) and re-injected into the optical cavity of laser. USE – Output coupler prism for laser e.g. neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd-YAG) laser, neodymium yttrium orthovanadate (Nd-YVO4) laser, ytterbium yttrium orthovanadate (Yb-YVO4) laser and ytterbium yttrium aluminum garnet (Yb-YAG) laser, titanium sapphire laser and chromium lithium strontium aluminum fluoride (Cr-LiSAF) laser (all claimed). ADVANTAGE – Unidirectional laser oscillation can be produced without using intracavity elements. High output power and stable single frequency operation can be achieved. The size of laser can be reduced. DETAILED DESCRIPTION – An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for laser. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) – The drawing shows a schematic view of the prism. Beams (2,4) Side faces (6,10) Bottom face (8) Internal angles (12,14,16)

Main Application Field

L03 (Electro-(in)organic – chemical features of conductors, resistors, magnets, capacitors and switches, electric discharge lamps, semiconductor and other materials, batteries, accumulators and thermoelectric devices, including fuel cells, magnetic recording media, radiation emission devices, liquid crystals and basic electric elements. Growing of single crystals of semiconductors and their doping are included, but semiconductor devices, where the manufacture is not claimed are excluded. Electrography, electrophotography, magnetography, electrolysis, electrophoresis, power plant, X-ray and plasma-techniques, ion exchange resins, polyelectrolytes, electroplating, metal electrodeposition, electroforming, anodising, electrolytic cleaning, cathodic protection and electrolytic or electrothermic production or refining of metals are all covered elsewhere (Sections G, J, K and M).); V08 (Lasers and Masers)




Patent number: WO2009079730-A2;BR200705854-A2;WO2009079730-A3


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