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Device for draining pleural fluids and drainage system using same

NOVELTY – The device (1) has a cone-shaped rigid support (2) with an enlarged end and a cylindrical end (5). An additional cover device (3) includes a central duct (7) at an outer upper end to attach a flexible collection tube. A perfect fitting is provided for a one-way sealing value (9) at a lower inner end. The cone-shaped rigid support is made of rigid and transparent polymeric material. The sealing valve is circular in shape, thin, flexible and made of silicone. The flexible collection tube is made of natural latex rubber. USE – Device for drainage of gaseous/liquid pleural fluid in hospital and pre-hospital medical care during a chest injury such as trauma, spontaneous pneumothorax, hemothorax and hemorrhage of an etiology. ADVANTAGE – The device can efficiently eliminate the undesirable content i.e. air and/or liquids, of a patient’s pleural cavity. The device reduces morbidity and hospitalization duration. The device is safe and well accepted by hospital and pre-hospital medical care teams, while being a domestic, less expensive and more accessible device. DETAILED DESCRIPTION – An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a system for draining pleural fluids comprising a draining device. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) – The drawing shows a front view of a drainage device. Drainage device (1) Cone-shaped rigid support (2) Additional cover device (3) Cylindrical end (5) Central duct (7) One-way sealing value (9)

Main Application Field

A96 (Medical, dental, veterinary, cosmetic.); P34 (Sterilising, syringes, electrotherapy (A61L, M, N).)




Patent number: WO2008074109-A2;BR200605702-A;WO2008074109-A3


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