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Device for destroying weeds in semi-annual perennial ratoon crop i.e. sugar cane, field, has power transmission system provided with main power rotary distributor, rotary power of secondary distributors and gear

NOVELTY – The device has a header (7) provided with a mechanism that is coupled to a drawbar of a tractor. A tool-holder bar (1) is provided with transport wheels (4, 6), cutting disks, a residues surface (3) and destructive stump units (8). The stump units are provided with a pantographic system for tracking soil profile and a chassis that is supported by a gearbox. Vertical cutters and blades are coupled with the gearbox. A power transmission system is provided with a main power rotary distributor (2), rotary power of secondary distributors (5) and a gear. USE – Device for destroying weeds in semi-annual perennial ratoon crop i.e. sugar cane, field. Can also be used in orange, grape and mango fields. ADVANTAGE – The device ensures that a stump area can be mobilized so as to prevent soil erosion, thus reducing number of operations such as deep plowing and harrowing leveling, to be performed in the field, and hence saving time and energy in an effective manner. The device ensures efficient destruction of the weeds in crops, thus avoiding damage to soil structure with less energy and time. The device is easily adjustable, light in weight and inexpensive, and provides better operational performance. The device can perform operations in an accurate and quick manner. The device is provided with versatility and flexibility, and allows removal of destructed of weeds in ratoon cotton by farmers and researchers with low cost, thus preventing harm to soil. The device ensures that destruction of the weeds can be performed between lines so as to improve structural characteristics of soil, thus preventing soil erosion and improving efficiency of energy use of the tractor in an effective manner. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) – The drawing shows a top perspective view of a device for destroying weeds in semi-annual perennial ratoon crop field. Tool-holder bar (1) Main power rotary distributor (2) Residues surface (3) Transport wheels (4, 6) Secondary distributors (5) Header (7) Destructive stump units (8)

Main Application Field

P12 (Harvesting (A01D, F).); X27 (Domestic Electric Appliancesn)




Patent number: BR201004278-A2





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